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Freebie TV is the world’s favorite ad-supported go to platform for movies and television shows. Freebie TV offers both video on demand and live tv feeds. Explore amazing Movies and TV shows for FREE. NO subscription fees, No credit cards, only quality content streaming 24 hours a day. What are you waiting for, watch some Freebie TV today! Our team spends countless hours curating content so you don’t have to. We’ve fostered a team culture of integrity, respect and tolerance. Our team is invaluable in allowing us to deliver the content you love. Whether it be live news broadcasts, poker tournaments, music concerts, radio or quality movies and television, Freebie TV will deliver.

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“Stream live lifestyle and entertainment channels absolutely free. Our “Live TV” section offers a variety of content available 24 hours a day.”

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“Find your favorite news broadcast live on Freebie TV. We’re constantly adding new channels to provide diverse and intriguing points of view on the latest world news.”

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Join us on Freebie TV to access thousands of movies and television shows, all carefully curated by our team.






Why does content expire on Freebie TV?
The length of time Movies, TV and Live Feeds are available on Freebie TV is dependent upon the contracts we have with our content partners. Sometimes, these contracts allow for very long periods of viewing availability, others are more limited.

The best way to bring your favorite content back is by contacting us. Please send an email to and we’ll do our best to keep your favorites.

I’m able to watch content on Roku but I can’t find it on your other platforms, why?
Unfortunately this happens. While our team works hard to make sure you have the most current content, approval dates for content on specific platforms can vary. Contracts with content partners may sometimes exclude a platform all together.
What devices do you support in the US?
Currently you can access Freebie TV on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and on Vizio. We’re adding new platforms all the time, please check back for the latest.
How can I suggest movies/shows to be added to Freebie TV?
We are always working to find exciting new movies, tv shows and live tv feeds. We always want to hear what our viewers want to watch! Please contact us at: and we will do our best to deliver.

While the process is complex and we can’t guarantee these requests will be fulfilled, requests are always valuable in guiding us in what content we should pursue in future licensing agreements.

Why do I need to sit through advertisements?
Advertisements are what allow us to keep things FREE. Our team works hard to limit advertising on the platform. We don’t offer a paid subscription service.
Why do I sometimes see the same ad over and over again?
While we try to make sure the same ads don’t play back to back in the same ad break, it does sometimes occur. This happens when the pool of available commercials doesn’t allow for variety in ads. If you see this happening a great deal, feel free to report to: We will have our advertising team review further.



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